Did Indian Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu Qualify for the Paris Olympics 2024?

Mirabai Chanu
Mirabai Chanu

In a momentous stride for Indian sports, weightlifting sensation Mirabai Chanu has all but confirmed her place in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024. By securing a commendable third-place finish in the women’s 49kg Group B event at the IWF World Cup, Chanu has not only made a resounding comeback but also ignited hopes of Olympic glory for India.

Following a challenging six-month hiatus due to a hip tendonitis injury, Chanu returned to competitive weightlifting, lifting a total of 184kg (81kg in snatch and 103kg in clean and jerk) at the tournament. This event served as the final qualifier for the Paris Olympics, demanding participation in two compulsory events and three other qualifiers. Chanu’s performance at the World Cup, while not her personal best, has nonetheless positioned her comfortably for Olympic qualification, currently ranking her second in the Olympic Qualification Ranking (OQR) for her weight class.

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The weightlifting fraternity and fans across India are eagerly awaiting the formal announcement of Olympic qualifiers, expected to follow the update of the OQR. The top 10 lifters from each category will earn their places at the Paris Olympics, and Chanu’s stellar ranking almost guarantees her participation.

Despite not reaching her peak performance at the World Cup, Chanu’s determination and spirit remain undeterred. Her journey to the Olympics, especially following her recovery from injury, is a testament to her resilience and unwavering spirit.

Chanu is set to be India’s sole representative in weightlifting at the Paris Games, marking her third Olympic appearance. Her journey is not just a personal achievement but a source of national pride, showcasing the calibre of Indian athletes on the world stage.

With the Olympics on the horizon, Chanu has ample time to reach her peak form. Her personal bests and the world record she set at the Asian Championships in 2021 are the benchmarks she is determined to surpass.

Mirabai Chanu’s road to the Paris Olympics symbolizes the indomitable spirit of Indian sportspersons. As the nation stands behind her, Chanu’s story of overcoming adversity and striving for excellence continues to inspire. Her journey resonates with the dreams and aspirations of countless Indians, reinforcing the belief in the power of perseverance and hard work. As we look forward to her official qualification, Chanu’s saga is a beacon of hope and a source of immense national pride

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