Parc des Princes: Seating Capacity, Sports Hosted at Summer Olympics 2024

Parc des Princes
Parc des Princes

In the 16th part of Paris, there’s a big stadium called Parc des Princes that’s special in France. It’s famous for its big concrete pillars and has been a big part of sports in France since it was built in 1972. With the Summer Olympics coming to Paris in 2024, this stadium is getting ready to be in the spotlight again. It’s a place where lots of important football and rugby games have happened, and soon it will host some Olympic football matches too. It’s a big deal because it shows how important this stadium is and how it can bring people together for exciting sports events.

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What is the Primary Use of the Parc des Princes?

Originally constructed in its current form in 1972, and designed by architect Robert Taillibert, the Parc des Princes has been the home of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) since 1974. Over the years, it has hosted an impressive array of events beyond club football, including international football and rugby matches, significant competitions like the 1998 Football World Cup and Euro 2016, and even major concerts. This multifaceted venue served as the largest stadium in France until the construction of the Stade de France in 1998 and has been a pivotal site for the Coupe de France finals and the French rugby union championship annually.

Parc des Princes Seating Capacity & Seating Map

The Parc des Princes boasts a seating capacity of 47,926 spectators, making it an ideal location for large-scale international events and competitions. The seating arrangement is designed to provide an unparalleled viewing experience, ensuring that every spectator, regardless of their seat, feels immersed in the action on the field. The stadium’s layout is strategically segmented to cater to various audience segments, from general admission to VIP areas, each offering unique vantage points and amenities.

Parc des Princes Seating Map
Parc des Princes Seating Map

Sports Hosted at Parc des Princes during the Paris Summer Olympics 2024

In the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics 2024, the Parc des Princes is set to host football matches for both men’s and women’s competitions. This selection underscores the venue’s top-tier facilities and its historical significance in the realm of international sports. Football, being a universally celebrated sport, will see teams from around the globe competing on this prestigious ground, adding another chapter to the stadium’s storied legacy.

How to Get There?

Accessibility is a key factor in the Parc des Princes’ role as a host venue for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Located approximately 12 km from the Olympic and Paralympic Village, it is well-served by public transportation. Spectators are recommended to use the “Pont du Garigliano” station (RER C) as the primary access point. Depending on their seating location, visitors can also opt for “Marcel Sembat” (metro 9), “Porte d’Auteuil” (metro 10) – with noted exceptions on certain dates due to expected large crowds – and “Porte de Saint-Cloud” (metro 9).

For specific days during the Olympics, a direct “Paris 2024” bus service will facilitate transportation from “Charles-de-Gaulle – Etoile” station, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience for all attending spectators.

As the Parc des Princes gears up to play a pivotal role in the Paris Summer Olympics 2024, its combination of historical significance, state-of-the-art facilities, and strategic location make it a jewel in the crown of French sporting venues. Whether for die-hard football fans, first-time Olympic spectators, or curious tourists, the Parc des Princes promises an unforgettable experience, echoing with the cheers of past triumphs and the anticipation of new glories to come

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