Paris 2024 Official Stamp Unveiled at Postal Museum

Paris 2024 Official Stamp Unveiled at Postal Museum
Paris 2024 Official Stamp Unveiled at Postal Museum

Paris, March 27 – In a significant cultural event at the French Postal Museum, the Paris 2024 Organising Committee, in collaboration with La Poste Group, unveiled the official stamp for the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, marking a symbolic union of sports and heritage.

Drawing on the vibrant visual identity of the Paris Olympics, the stamp features quintessential Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine, intertwined with motifs emblematic of athletic vigour, including athletics tracks and the dynamic motion of ball bounces. Notably, the stamp boasts exquisite finishes, including hot stamping, showcasing its distinctiveness and the craftsmanship behind its design.

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Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, highlighted the stamp’s significant role in promoting the Games, expressing enthusiasm for its potential to circulate within France and around the globe. “This stamp carries the colors of Paris 2024 and will fully contribute to opening up the Games. We can’t wait to see it travel in France and around the world,” Estanguet stated, underscoring the stamp’s anticipated impact in amplifying the spirit of the Games far and wide.

La Poste Group’s issuance of this official Olympic stamp continues a long-standing tradition that began in 1924, when Paris last hosted the Summer Olympic Games. This historical continuity celebrates not only the sporting events but also the cultural heritage of France, reinforcing the nation’s enduring connection to the Olympic movement.

Philippe Wahl, president and CEO of La Poste Group, expressed pride in the release of this emblematic stamp, stating, “Rich in symbols, it reflects the soul of the Games and allows Paris 2024 to travel and shine across the world.” The stamp, priced at 1.96 euros (approximately 2.12 U.S. dollars), will be available in a circulation of 800,000 copies starting March 29, offering collectors and enthusiasts alike a chance to own a piece of Olympic history.

The unveiling of the Paris 2024 official stamp represents a convergence of sports, culture, and international camaraderie, encapsulating the essence of the Olympic Games while highlighting the role of postal heritage in bridging distances and celebrating global events. As the Games approach, this stamp serves as a beacon of the unity, excellence, and universal appeal that the Olympics strive to embody.

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