Which Companies Will Sell 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Tickets?

Which Companies Will Sell 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Tickets
Which Companies Will Sell 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Tickets

The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics promises to be a spectacle of modern sportsmanship and global unity. As athletes and fans alike gear up for this grand event, one critical aspect of the preparation is gaining clarity: ticketing. The recent announcement has shed light on the companies tasked with the monumental responsibility of selling tickets for the Olympics, marking a significant step towards modernizing the ticketing process and enhancing the attendee experience.

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Which Companies Will Sell 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Tickets?

In a groundbreaking move, organizers for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics have announced a partnership with two major companies, Los Angeles-based AXS and Germany-based CTS EVENTIM. This collaboration is set to form a joint venture focused on promoting, selling, and distributing tickets for both the Olympic and Paralympic games on a global scale.

AXS: A Local Giant with Global Reach

Founded in 2011 and owned by AEG, AXS stands out as a powerhouse in ticketing for sports and entertainment events. With its roots firmly planted in Los Angeles, AXS brings to the table a deep understanding of the local market and a strong North American footprint. This local expertise, combined with a global outreach, positions AXS as a pivotal player in the ticketing process for the upcoming games.

CTS EVENTIM: A Veteran in Olympic Ticketing

With over two decades of experience in Olympic ticket sales, CTS EVENTIM brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success. Having managed ticketing for the Olympics in Turin (2006), Sochi (2014), Rio (2016), and Paris (2024), CTS EVENTIM’s expertise in handling the complexities of Olympic ticketing on an international scale is unparalleled. This experience is invaluable in ensuring the ticketing process for the 2028 games is smooth and efficient.

A Digital, Secure, and Fully Integrated Ticketing Solution

The partnership between AXS and CTS EVENTIM is not just about selling tickets; it’s about redefining the ticketing experience. The companies have committed to offering a “safe, secure, and fully digital ticketing solution” for the 2028 Games. This move towards a digital solution reflects a broader trend in event management, prioritizing convenience, security, and accessibility for fans worldwide.

Redefining Ticketing for Live Sports Events

Casey Wasserman, LA28 chairman and president, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “AXS’ strong North American footprint and CTS EVENTIM’s track record of Games success will deliver a world-class platform that will redefine ticketing for live sports events.” This collaboration aims to set a new standard for how tickets for large-scale sporting events are sold and managed, leveraging technology to enhance the fan experience.


The announcement of AXS and CTS EVENTIM as the ticketing partners for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics marks a significant milestone in the preparation for the games. By combining AXS’s local market expertise with CTS EVENTIM’s extensive experience in Olympic ticketing, the partnership is poised to offer an innovative, secure, and user-friendly ticketing solution. As we look towards 2028, the collaboration between these companies signifies a step forward in making the Olympic experience more accessible and enjoyable for fans around the globe.

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