Who Has Manufactured the French Olympic Uniform?

As the world gears up for the Olympic Games, the spotlight often shines not just on the athletes but on the uniforms they wear, symbolizing their countries’ pride and cultural heritage. For France, the 2024 Olympics is an opportunity to showcase its renowned fashion industry alongside its sporting talents. The task of designing and manufacturing the French Olympic team’s uniform has been a colossal undertaking, emphasizing domestic production and reflecting the nation’s dedication to quality and style.

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Who Has Manufactured the French Olympic Uniform?

The responsibility of crafting the uniforms for the French Olympic and Paralympic teams for 2024 was bestowed upon a figure well-respected in both the fashion and sports worlds: Stephane Ashpool. Ashpool, the creative force behind the celebrated streetwear label Pigalle, took on this challenge with a vision that blends athletic functionality with avant-garde design. Known for his innovative approach to sportswear and a deep-rooted connection to the worlds of dance and basketball, Ashpool was an intuitive choice for this monumental project.

However, the task of manufacturing the uniforms — encompassing a vast array of items for 800 athletes, each requiring 120 pieces, along with the gear for trainers and support staff — called for a partnership with a company that embodies the essence of French craftsmanship. Enter Le Coq Sportif, a brand with a storied history in sportswear and a previous collaborator with the French Olympic team for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The company’s expertise in creating high-quality athletic apparel made it a perfect match for Ashpool’s creative vision.

Le Coq Sportif’s commitment to domestic manufacturing played a pivotal role in this partnership. The uniforms for the 2024 games are predominantly made in France, a decision that underscores a broader move towards sustainability and support for local industry within the fashion sector. This approach aligns with Ashpool’s and Le Coq Sportif’s shared values of authenticity, excellence, and national pride.

The collaboration between Stephane Ashpool and Le Coq Sportif for the French Olympic uniforms represents a fusion of sports and fashion, innovation and tradition. As the athletes don the blue-white-red gradient designs that symbolize their national flag and the journey to the Olympics, they will also be wearing a testament to French craftsmanship and the collaborative spirit of its people.

In this way, the manufacture of the French Olympic uniforms for the 2024 games is not just a matter of stitching fabric together; it is about weaving the very essence of France’s heritage, its dedication to artisanship, and its unyielding spirit of competition into every thread. Through the partnership of Stephane Ashpool and Le Coq Sportif, France proudly presents a collection that stands as a beacon of national pride and the relentless pursuit of excellence on the global stage.

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