Paris 2024 Unveils Summer Olympics Volunteer Uniforms

Paris Olympics 2024 Volunteer Uniforms
Paris Olympics 2024 Volunteer Uniforms

In a grand reveal that marked a significant milestone in the run-up to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paris showcased the much-anticipated uniforms for its 45,000-strong volunteer force. This vibrant cohort, embodying an international spirit with members hailing from around 150 countries, will don attire that not only symbolizes the Games’ ethos but also underscores a commitment to sustainability.

The uniforms were introduced at the Volunteer Convention held at the Paris La Defense Arena, a venue poised to host key events like swimming, water polo, and para-swimming competitions. The unveiling was part of the first offline activity for the Paris Olympics volunteer program, attended by about 20,000 volunteers, illustrating the scale and enthusiasm driving the preparatory efforts.

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The Paris 2024 Organizing Committee disclosed an overwhelming response to their call for volunteers, receiving over 300,000 applications. The selected group presents an equitable gender split, with more than five per cent being persons with disabilities and a notable 20 per cent originating from outside France. This diversity not only reflects the global appeal of the Olympic spirit but also the inclusive ethos the Paris Games strive to embody.

Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 president, underscored the irreplaceable role of volunteers, stating, “The volunteers are one of the most crucial parts of the Olympic family… We can’t do the Games without you.” His words reflect a deep appreciation for the volunteer community’s vital contribution to the Games’ success.

Among the volunteers is Zhao Yuntong, a postgraduate student and Beijing Winter Olympics volunteer, who shared her excitement about participating in the Paris Olympics. Her sentiments echo the enthusiasm prevalent among the volunteers, many of whom, like Xie Xingying, have formed communities, including a WeChat group with over 200 members, to share their journey and experiences.

Paris 2024 Unveils Summer Olympics Volunteer Uniforms
Paris 2024 Unveils Summer Olympics Volunteer Uniforms

Xie, alongside their friend Wu Qiyun, highlighted the meaningful sacrifice of using vacation time to volunteer, underlining the honour and joy of contributing to such a global spectacle from the unique perspective of Chinese volunteers in Paris.

Designed by Decathlon, the official partner of the Paris Olympics, the uniforms mirror the Games’ visual identity. The primary “Opera Green” colour, inspired by the Opera Garnier, infuses a unique aesthetic into the attire, aligning with the city’s cultural heritage. Barbara Martin Coppola, general director of Decathlon, expressed pride in crafting eco-designed clothing that marries trendiness with functionality, reflecting a shared passion for sport and sustainability.

Volunteers will receive a comprehensive kit of 15 items, including clothing, shoes, and bags, available for collection from the end of May. This initiative not only prepares the volunteers for their roles but also contributes to a lasting legacy of environmental consciousness.

As Paris gears up for the Olympic Games scheduled from July 26 to August 11, followed by the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8, the unveiling of the volunteer uniforms marks a significant step towards realizing a global celebration of sport. Through its volunteer program, Paris 2024 is setting a precedent for future Games, emphasizing the power of global collaboration, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to sustainability

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