USA Olympics 2024 Jersey (Officially Revealed)

USA Olympics 2024 Jersey
USA Olympics 2024 Jersey

In a highly anticipated reveal, US Soccer, in collaboration with Nike, has officially unveiled the new uniforms for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The announcement comes as a fresh wave of excitement for soccer fans and athletes alike, introducing innovative designs for the home and away kits to be worn by all 27 national soccer teams.

Dubbed the American Classic and American Icon, these uniforms will not only grace the fields during domestic and international matches but will also embody the spirit and heritage of American soccer as teams compete on the world stage in Paris. The debut of these kits is scheduled for the US Men’s National Team’s forthcoming match in Jamaica, marking a significant moment in the lead-up to the Olympics. This unveiling ensures that both the Women’s and Men’s US National Teams are equipped with their new regalia for the series of games ahead of the 2024 Olympics.

Expanding beyond the senior teams, the American Classic and American Icon uniforms will also be donned by the Extended National Teams, encompassing beach soccer, deaf soccer, and other subdivisions. Youth National Teams are set to wear these kits in the upcoming FIFA World Cups this year, showcasing the unity and comprehensive support for soccer across all levels in the United States.

The home kit, known as the American Classic, features a pristine white base jersey accented with red and blue trim. It boasts a subtle flag design across the collar, with a prominent American flag positioned on the chest, paired elegantly with navy blue shorts. The design embodies simplicity, patriotism, and the enduring spirit of American soccer.

For away games, the teams will sport the American Icon kit. This design is inspired by the iconic Bomb Pop popsicle, a nod to the 2014 uniform inspiration, predominantly blue with a distinct white and red bottom. Complementing this vibrant jersey are red shorts and socks, creating a striking look that is bound to stand out on the field.

Before their matches, teams will also wear a special pre-match set adorned with a blue and red wave pattern, featuring the Volkswagen logo, celebrating the partnership and support of their sponsor.

In an exciting turn for fans, these much-anticipated jerseys will be available for purchase on the US Soccer online store starting March 21. This launch provides fans an opportunity to own a piece of American soccer history and support their teams as they prepare for the challenges and triumphs of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The unveiling of the USA Olympics 2024 jerseys represents a blend of tradition, innovation, and national pride. As the teams gear up for their journey to Paris, these uniforms stand as a symbol of unity, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence on the global stage.

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