Who is the Indian Flagbearer For the Paris Olympics 2024?

Indian Flagbearer For the Paris Olympics 2024
Indian Flagbearer For the Paris Olympics 2024

In the grand procession of nations during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, one athlete from each participating country is bestowed with the honour of carrying the national flag. This role, known as the flagbearer, is not just a position but a significant accolade, recognizing an athlete’s achievements, leadership, and contribution to their sport and country. The flagbearer symbolizes national pride and unity, leading their country’s athletes into the Olympic stadium. It’s a moment of immense honour and a spotlight that shines on an athlete’s career, marking a pinnacle moment that is remembered for lifetimes. Being chosen as a flagbearer reflects the athlete’s standing as a role model, their sporting accomplishments, and their ability to inspire both their teammates and the nation they represent.

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Who is the Indian Flagbearer For the Paris Olympics 2024?

For the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has announced the distinguished table tennis player Sharath Kamal as the flagbearer of the Indian team. Kamal, with a world ranking of No. 88, is a venerable figure in table tennis, holding an unparalleled national championship record with 10 titles to his name. His commendable journey in the sport is adorned with 13 medals at the Commonwealth Games (CWG), including seven golds, alongside two medals at the Asian Games, and three bronze medals at the World Championships.

Kamal’s selection as the flagbearer is a tribute to his relentless dedication, exemplary achievements, and the high regard in which he is held within the Indian sports community and beyond. His career, spanning over decades, embodies excellence and has significantly contributed to elevating the status of table tennis in India on the global stage. As he leads the Indian contingent into the Olympic stadium in Paris, Kamal will not only be carrying the tricolor but the hopes and aspirations of a billion hearts, symbolizing the spirit of perseverance and excellence.

Who is the Chef de Mission for the Olympics 2024?

Alongside Sharath Kamal, another iconic athlete, MC Mary Kom, has been appointed to a pivotal role for the Paris Olympics 2024, that of the chef de mission. This position is crucial for the overall coordination and support of the national team during the Olympics, ensuring that athletes have everything they need to perform at their best. Mary Kom, an Olympic bronze medalist and a legendary figure in women’s boxing, brings to the role an unparalleled wealth of experience and a legacy of groundbreaking achievements.

With six world titles to her name, Mary Kom is not just the first Indian but the first female boxer globally to reach such a pinnacle in boxing history. Her journey from winning a gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games to making a mark on the world stage at a young age in Scranton, Pennsylvania, speaks volumes of her tenacity and fighting spirit. As the chef de mission, Mary Kom’s leadership and insights will be invaluable to the Indian contingent, inspiring them to strive for excellence and navigate the challenges of the Olympic arena with confidence and grace.


The appointments of Sharath Kamal as the flagbearer and MC Mary Kom as the chef de mission for the Paris Olympics 2024 are reflective of their illustrious careers, their contributions to their respective sports, and their roles as ambassadors of Indian athletics. Their leadership roles in the upcoming Olympics not only honor their achievements but also aim to inspire the Indian contingent to aim for excellence in Paris. As the Olympic Games draw near, all eyes will be on these eminent athletes as they carry the hopes and dreams of their nation onto the global stage, embodying the spirit and resilience of Indian sports.

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