Le Bourget Climbing Venue Seating Capacity, Sports Hosted at Summer Olympics 2024

Le Bourget Climbing Venue
Le Bourget Climbing Venue

The upcoming Summer Olympics 2024 in Paris marks a significant milestone for the sporting world, not just for the athletes and sports enthusiasts but also for the host city and its communities. One of the innovative additions to the Games is the inclusion of sport climbing, a modern sport that appeals to younger populations and reflects the Olympic Committee’s forward-thinking approach. The chosen venue for this exciting new Olympic discipline is located in Le Bourget, a city within the Seine-Saint-Denis department, strategically positioned to contribute to the local and wider community’s sporting legacy.

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What is the Primary Use of the Le Bourget Climbing Venue?

The Le Bourget Climbing Venue has been designed with dual objectives in mind: to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the Olympic Games and to leave a lasting legacy for the Seine-Saint-Denis area, which notably lacks sports facilities. This venue will house five climbing walls — an indoor wall primarily used for warming up and four outdoor walls dedicated to the competition events and additional warm-up activities. Beyond the Olympics, the venue is set to become a permanent sports facility, addressing the local demand for accessible and quality sports infrastructure, thereby promoting widespread participation in sports climbing and other physical activities.

Le Bourget Climbing Venue Seating Capacity & Seating Map

Designed to accommodate a diverse audience, the Le Bourget Climbing Venue boasts a capacity for 6,000 spectators, with seating arrangements evenly split to cater to 3,000 seated and 3,000 standing guests. This configuration ensures that all attendees, regardless of their preference for viewing the competition, can enjoy the events in comfort and convenience. While specific seating maps are detailed closer to the event, the thoughtful design of the venue guarantees an engaging and immersive experience for everyone, offering clear views of the climbers as they navigate the various challenges of speed, bouldering, and lead climbing.

Le Bourget Climbing Venue Seating Map
Le Bourget Climbing Venue Seating Map

Sports Hosted at Le Bourget Climbing Venue during the Paris Summer Olympics 2024

Sport climbing makes its Olympic return in Paris 2024, with the Le Bourget Climbing Venue playing host to this exhilarating competition. The event will feature three disciplines: speed, bouldering, and lead, combined for both women’s and men’s categories. This inclusion in the Olympics not only highlights the growing popularity of sport climbing worldwide but also aligns with the Games’ objective of introducing modern, youth-oriented sports to a global audience, further enriching the Olympic tradition with new and dynamic disciplines.

How to Get There?

Accessibility is a key consideration for all Olympic venues, and the Le Bourget Climbing Venue is no exception. Spectators are encouraged to use public transportation to reach the venue, with Le Bourget station providing convenient access via RER line B and tram line T11. This ease of access not only facilitates a smoother visitor experience but also supports the Paris 2024 sustainability goals by promoting the use of public transport. Attendees are advised to allow sufficient travel time and to arrive early to the competition site to fully enjoy the spectacle of Olympic sport climbing in this modern and purpose-built venue.

The inclusion of sport climbing in the Paris Summer Olympics 2024 and the establishment of the Le Bourget Climbing Venue underscore the Games’ commitment to innovation, sustainability, and legacy. This approach not only enhances the Olympic experience for participants and spectators alike but also promises a positive and lasting impact on the local community and the sport itself.

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