Paris Aquatic Centre Seating Capacity, Sports Hosted at Summer Olympics 2024

Paris Aquatic Centre
Paris Aquatic Centre

The Paris Aquatic Centre, a cornerstone facility for the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics, stands as a testament to sustainable architecture and sports excellence. Nestled in the heart of Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, this state-of-the-art venue is poised to host the world’s most talented athletes in a series of aquatic competitions. With its innovative design and strategic location, the Aquatic Centre is not just a sports venue; it’s a beacon of community development and environmental stewardship.

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What is the Primary Use of the Paris Aquatic Centre?

Constructed under the auspices of the Metropole du Grand Paris, the Aquatics Centre is the only permanent sports facility specifically built for the Paris 2024 Games. Its primary role is to facilitate aquatic sports events during the Olympics, offering a world-class platform for artistic swimming, diving, and water polo. Beyond the grandeur of the Olympics, the Centre is designed to serve the long-term needs of the Seine-Saint-Denis region and the French swimming community, promising to host major national and international competitions for years to come.

Paris Aquatic Centre Seating Capacity & Seating Map

The Paris Aquatic Centre boasts a versatile seating arrangement to accommodate the varying scales of events it aims to host. During the 2024 Summer Olympics, it will welcome spectators in a 5,000-seat configuration, designed to offer unobstructed views of the high-stakes competitions. Post-Games, the venue will transform into a more intimate setting with a 2,500-seat capacity, ideal for local and neighbourhood events. This modular approach ensures that the Centre can adapt to different audiences and events, maximizing its utility and accessibility.

Sports Hosted at Paris Aquatic Centre during the Paris Summer Olympics 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympics will see the Paris Aquatic Centre become the battleground for aquatic sports athletes. The Centre will host the following sports:

  • Artistic Swimming: Competitions in this category include Women’s Duet and Team events, showcasing synchronized excellence and creativity in water.
  • Diving: A range of diving events will be featured, including Women’s and Men’s 10m Platform, Synchronised 10m Platform, Synchronised 3m Springboard, and 3m Springboard, testing the precision and agility of the athletes.
  • Water Polo: The water polo tournaments will feature a Women’s 10-team tournament and a Men’s 12-team tournament, promising intense team rivalry and strategic gameplay.

How to Get There?

Accessibility is a key feature of the Paris Aquatic Centre’s location. Situated just 2km to the east of the Olympic and Paralympic Village, it is well-connected by public transport. Spectators can easily reach the venue by taking the RER line D to the Stade de France Saint-Denis station or the future Pleyel station on metro line 14. Given the expected influx of visitors, attendees are advised to plan their journey, allowing ample travel time to reach the competitions.

In conclusion, the Paris Aquatic Centre is more than just a venue for the 2024 Summer Olympics; it’s a legacy project that embodies the spirit of innovation, community, and sustainability. With its flexible seating capacity, a diverse range of hosted sports, and excellent accessibility, the Centre is set to be a pivotal hub for both the Olympics and the future of aquatic sports in France.

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