Will Manny Pacquiao Participate in Paris Olympics 2024?

Will Manny Pacquiao Participate at Paris Olympics 2024
Will Manny Pacquiao Participate in Paris Olympics 2024

In a recent development that has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has made a decision that definitively answers the question on many minds: Will Manny Pacquiao, the legendary boxer, participate in the Paris Olympics 2024? Unfortunately, for fans hoping to see the iconic fighter compete on one of the world’s largest stages, the answer is a resounding no.

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Why Will Manny Pacquiao Not Participate in Paris Olympics 2024?

Manny Pacquiao, a name synonymous with boxing excellence, has had his bid to fight at the Paris 2024 Games officially rejected by the IOC, as confirmed by a Filipino official. This decision comes despite a “special request” made by Manila last year, seeking an exception for the former world champion to box in Paris, despite exceeding the age limit for Olympic boxers, which is set at 40.

At 45 years old, Pacquiao, who retired from professional boxing in 2021 to briefly enter the political arena with a presidential run in the Philippines, finds himself barred from Olympic competition due to this age restriction. This ruling underscores the stringent adherence of the IOC to its regulations, emphasizing that even figures of Pacquiao’s stature are not exempt.

The Philippine Olympic Committee president, Abraham Tolentino, expressed his disappointment over the IOC’s decision, noting the missed opportunity for what he believed could have been a “sure podium or first-ever gold for the country” in Olympic boxing. Tolentino’s remarks highlight the high regard in which Pacquiao is held and the potential impact his participation could have had on the Paris Olympics, not just for the Philippines but as a major draw for the games themselves.

The discussion around Pacquiao’s Olympic aspirations also touched on the concept of a “universality place” – a provision that allows athletes from countries that struggle to qualify through normal channels a chance to compete. However, this avenue also proved unsuitable for Pacquiao’s Olympic dreams.

Manny Pacquiao, renowned for his humility and fighting spirit, had previously stated that he did not consider himself too old to compete against younger boxers. This spirit and determination make the IOC’s decision all the more poignant for Pacquiao and his legion of fans across the globe. Despite his achievements across multiple weight divisions, amassing world titles and etching his name in the annals of boxing history, the Olympic ring will remain one stage he has not graced.

The decision to uphold the age limit not only signifies the end of Pacquiao’s Olympic aspirations but also serves as a reminder of the strict governance the IOC exercises over its event criteria. While Pacquiao’s absence will be felt at the Paris 2024 Olympics, his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time remains untouched.

As the Paris Olympics draw closer, the narrative around athlete eligibility and the boundaries of Olympic participation will likely continue to evolve. However, for now, the focus shifts to the athletes preparing to showcase their talents in 2024, standing on the shoulders of giants like Manny Pacquiao, whose dreams of Olympic glory inspire, even in their unfulfillment.

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